14 April 2015

life lately...

 This is pretty much my last week and a half or so.. the crud finally caught up to me..lol
My kiddos were totally getting a kick out of my new mug

 One of my good friends sent over a Get Fresh box for us to try out last week! Such perfect timing! We really liked them and it was so nice not to have to think about what to make for a couple of nights..I am thinking we are going to definitely keep this up! Its good grub

 My boys are Nuggets crazzzy

Finally got new lights above the kitchen island! I will do another post about that soon.(my kitchen is not that yellow btw)

 Da boys....We spent a day in Evergreen with family and my step dad finally got to take out his Little dirt bike that he has been saving for forever for Ben... Ohh the smiles!!

Tessa was not going to let the boys have all that fun! She takes aafter her momma;)

 being high on NyQuil I had to get out of the house , and with a trip coming up here in a few weeks I ran over to Banana Republic to see their 40% off sale..most of the time I don't find that much there, but they have some really cute stuff right now!  Cute cropped sweaters galore!

This dress was great on the hanger... it does have pockets though

I picked up these cute sweaters on clearance over at Sports Authority.. I have been livin in them! I am thinkin they will be great for the airplane!

26 March 2015

Springing along in my favorite spring trench

 Hey girls! Here are some outfits I have been having some fun with lately.. springing along in my favorite spring trench. This scarf is so pretty and from Target!

Blouse is from H&M  Mother jeans Target heels
 These Mother jeans I got on sale, but as much as I love their jeans, these just are so uncomfortable that I am not sure I will be keeping them. Nobody got time to be pulling their pants up every two minutes!
These heels will be getting a lot of wear this year too! So many colors in them that I cant imagine that there will be much that they wont go with. Oh and Target is having buy one get one half off with their shoes right now

If I had a office job where I had to dress up more this would be my jam right now

I posted these on my instagram a couple days ago..girls I walked into Nordstrom rack and came out only spending $37 on these!

This is such a great nail color! It's Essie in Tour De Finance. Thanks for stopping by!

11 March 2015

Office/guest room

 Lately I have been working on our office which I decided a few months ago to turn into a guest room also since we don't have one. (such a bummer!) I have always wanted a guest room but until we get our basement finished that's not in the cards for our 1900 sq foot house.
So I came up with this fabulous;) idea to put a day bed in our office and make it a office and guest room. But since this is the first thing you see or room when you walk in our house, I wanted to take my time. I found this brass daybed on craigslist with a trundle.. this was the deal of the year. Seriously I had my evil laugh goin all  the way home...
So I am still in the process of getting things done as you can tell. The duvet I just picked up at Pottery Barn.. the pillows are a mix from Target and Home goods. I think it is definitely getting there! I need to do some new curtains maybe add some more art on the walls. Sorry the pics are not that great but I just snapped them quickly on my phone...the story of my life.

    Just love our doors...one of the best things we have done in our house..evidently I keep  forgetting to put knobs on the other side.. that little side table was a steal at TJ Max for only $25. Rug is from Cost Plus. The kids have already stained it with dirt and mud and it really wiped clean. I was pleasantly surprised!

This lamp drives me a little bit nutty.. think I will find another spot for it. Then I will fix that wall..

                          Ohh what? You Don't have a signed copy of Cameron's book?! LOL  Im goin for       brownie points here people

       I will keep ya updated and let you know when I have done some more! We are leaving  for Europe in May so I will probably concentrate more on it when I get back. You know so I actually have money for Europe. We also are getting new lights over our kitchen island so I will show you that soon! So stinkin excited to finally have that almost done!
Thanks so much for stopping by!